A Comprehensive Guide for Choosing the Right Castors

Category: Buying Guide for Castors

January 05, 2024

Selecting the right castors isn't merely a choice; it's a decision that impacts the efficiency of equipment across various industries. The process of choosing castors relies on several essential factors, each playing a significant role in ensuring optimal performance.

Castor Application

The application where the castors will be used forms the cornerstone of the selection process. Different industries require distinct castor types to fulfil their unique needs. For instance, the healthcare sector may prioritise noise reduction and floor protection, while industrial applications may focus on higher load-bearing capacities. Understanding the specifics of the application is crucial to pinpointing the ideal castor.


Diameter serves as another critical aspect. The diameter of the castor wheel directly affects its manoeuvrability, stability, and load-bearing capacity. A larger diameter provides enhanced stability and load-bearing capacity, making it suitable for heavier applications. Smaller diameters, on the other hand, offer greater manoeuvrability, ideal for confined spaces or agile equipment.

Load Capacity of Castors

Load capacity is an indispensable factor. Different castors come with distinct weight-bearing capabilities, and it's crucial to choose castors that align with the equipment's weight requirements. Overloading castors can lead to premature wear and decreased efficiency while underloading might compromise stability.

Brakes for Castors

Deciding on whether to opt for castors with or without brakes is another crucial consideration. Brake systems provide stability and safety, preventing unwanted movement or unexpected shifts. Assessing the equipment's usage scenario will determine the necessity of brakes.

Mount type

Mount type also plays a pivotal role. Swivel and fixed castors have their respective advantages. Swivel castors offer greater manoeuvrability, making them suitable for equipment requiring directional changes. Fixed castors provide enhanced stability and straight-line movement, ideal for linear applications.

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